What is an Anorak?

Anorak – Pronunciation:/ˈanərak/ – Definition: An anorak, literally a kind of parka, is used in British slang to describe a nerd or a geek. Generally, an anorak is someone obsessively interested in a very narrow subject or hobby that bores the pants off the rest of us.

Our Mission:

“To provide high-quality, low cost technology based solutions and products that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We strive to use technology to reduce costs for our customers wherever possible, whether at home or place of business and to employ technology to make work and play simpler.”

Who we are:

Anorak Computers is an information technology (IT) and computer services provider, offering a range of on and off site computer and technology related services, including personal computer repair and maintenance, security consulting and web hosting. Anorak Computers provides fast personal and professional IT services of the highest quality at competitive prices.

What we do:

We offer a range of IT services to our customers, including consulting and enterprise business solutions, system engineering solutions and infrastructure management services. We provide services to individuals as well as businesses from various industries including, retail, hospitality, tourism, medical and financial services.

Anorak Computers configures top-quality computer systems, custom built to suit individual customer requirements and budgets. We also offer consulting and purchasing advice for our customers seeking basic computers and laptops where profit margins are too small to be worth selling the product directly.

Anorak Computers provides website design and hosting services as well as graphic design for advertising, branding and other purposes.

How we do it:

To facilitate our services, Anorak Computers uses the latest technology to diagnose and repair hardware and software issues. The main asset of any computer service business is “Knowledge” since the industry is changing at an exponential pace, Anorak Computers strives to be on the cutting edge, using new products and solutions which are constantly being made available to replace old products, solutions and methods of doing things. In all cases we aim to provide the best, most reliable and most economical solution so you can rest knowing your investments in IT services and technology infrastructure are the right ones.

Where we do it:

Anorak Computers is mobile, serving the Kingston, Gananoque and Brockville areas. We are based in Gananoque Ontario, Canada and specialize in on site service “where you are!”

We also provide services off site and online such as remote desktop assistance, web development and hosting, computer repair and tune-ups(when most economical or requested) graphic design and custom computer systems are generally built off site.